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cosmic catch




Point scale

6-20 This may not be love at first sight since you two seem to have low compatibility, romantic potential and initial attraction rating but we are all animals right? With hard work and a mutual respect love can grow.Who says there can’t be a nice conversation, a new acquaintance or the perfect person for right now?


21-41 This catch seems really awesome but are they too good to be true? Do you feel like something is missing, common ground? A spark? There could be a potential for romance and there may even be an attraction. Could it evolve into something serious or is it already? Maybe you should learn to be happy with what you have. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. It all has to be mowed and taken care of. The modern dating scene can be daunting and scary. Some say love is a choice, right? Companionship is oh so nice.


42-60 This match has it all, almost an instant attraction, high compatibility & tons of common ground. You two are like magnets, the moment you met them you just new that this was it! There are days you feel this person has checked all your boxes but there are also those other days. Of course it isn't perfect but is best when love is patient and kind. This motto could really help when you start to notice each others flaws, if you haven't already. This relationship has the ability to bring out the best and the worst in the both of you. Unfortunately true love is like a mirror but isn't it nice to just exist and  be without having to constantly explain your soul? They just seem to get you and that's a rare find. Passion brings out the good and bad in all of us. With some patience and a little hard work you guys could really have something special. Cherish this person and realize that what you two have, you don't find everyday or maybe ever again. This match could go the distance.

Three Lolly Pops
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