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Japonesque Luminous Foundation

Japonesque Luminous Foundation


WHAT IT ISExquisitely dewy liquid foundation for the perfect balance of skin luminosity and flawless, buildable medium to full coverage.WHAT IT DOESThe JAPONESQUE® Luminous Foundation is an industry favorite with an exceptionally supple texture to layer, blend, and customize your coverage. Creamy and comfortable to wear, this foundation creates the look of radiant and perfectly balanced skin.WHAT ELSE YOU NEED TO KNOWContains emollients which are known to soften and moisturize the skin





  • Fair Pocelain Shade 01

  • Light Shade 02

    Light Beige Shade 03
  • Medium Light Shade 04
  • Medium Neutral Shade 05
  • Medium Beige Shade 06
  • Medium Dark - Warm golden Shade 07Medium Dark - Rich golden Shade 08
  • Dark Shade 10
  • Dark - Peach Undertone Shade 09




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