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Jupiter in Relationships

Jupiter is one of the slower moving planets, and spends around one year in each sign, in a never ending cycle. It’s highly likely that someone born in the same year as you has Jupiter in the same sign as you, or as an absolute certainty in the neighbouring sign. For relationships which don’t have a large age gap, therefore, you will find yourselves with perhaps the same Jupiter sign, or signs a few apart on the zodiac wheel. For this reason, it’s not the Jupiter sign itself, so much, which concerns astrologers when looking at relationship compatibility. Much is made in love compatibility of zodiac signs, but they are not the whole story. When we analyse Jupiter compatibility, we will more often look at the partners’ Jupiter houses (areas of life governed by Jupiter, which will be different for each individual) and at the aspects made from one person’s Jupiter to other points in their partner’s chart.

Jupiter in astrology represents optimism, expansion, justice, luck, tolerance and generosity. Its influence in a birth chart is usually a positive thing, and its position in your chart shows those areas of life in which you find joy, where you will find good fortune, and where you can teach others. In relationship compatibility terms, it can indicate the areas of life which will be easiest, best and least likely to cause conflict in a relationship.

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