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Tired of the dating scene which is pretty much done digitally these days? Whoever said there was plenty of fish in the sea was not aware that sometimes it feels like a tiny fishbowl. Especially with quarantine and people working remotely. Getting yourself a date can be as daunting as marketing yourself on social media. It is so tough getting the perfect selfie with the lighting, makeup and ALL. How did we get here? Our matchmaking is personalized just for you. Enter into the database for free. Consultations are not obligations. Please do not hesitate to contact me and ask me anything. Finding that someone for you is what we do.

According to The King Author tale what women really want is sovereignty, We are complex creatures by nature. How are we different from men in what they need from a relationship?

What Men Need From A Relationship:

1. Intimacy and closeness. Men yearn for consistent physical closeness. They want hugs, kisses, pinches and, yes, sex with their partners daily. Physical touch is very important in a close loving relationship.
2. Recognition. I've found that acknowledging and appreciating my husband for the basic things that he does like cutting the grass, fixing something that's broken or jumping in for double carpool duty always makes him puff out his chest.
3. Nurturing. Husbands don't want a mother for a wife but they do want to be nurtured and cared for. They want to feel that their partners truly get them and are looking out for their best interests.
4. To Brag about their family. Men love being able to share pictures of their family with others. It makes them feel fulfilled and successful when their wife is happy, cute and their children are doing well.
5. Adoration. When he walks in the home, he wants everyone to be happy to see him.
6. Alone time in his cave. This is an important one. Men need time to think, plan, reflect and relax.
7. Dates with You. Men want to enjoy you as their girlfriend and not always as mom or as a wife.
8. A Friend. A place to fall when things go wrong and a sense that their failures and disappointments will not follow them into the home.


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