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Listening to people's problems and giving advice has always came natural to me. I have been called to deal with the most difficult people voluntarily and involuntarily throughout my career and life. You know how some people have to learn the hard way? Well, that was me. Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally and Financially I had to fail first. There is a much easier way, trust me. Life does not have to be quite so hard. Many times we take the long hard road and blame others for our failures. It is much easier than blaming ourselves. I can provide much needed clarity to many of these struggles. I can help with what you want, why you want it as well as how to achieve it. Lifestyle Coaching can provide strategies and techniques which facilitates you to reach your goals faster. Overcome obstacles, low confidence and insecurities.

Explore and evaluate all possible options available. With dedicated time, support, encouragement and motivation you are not alone. Lifestyle Coaching is an investment in yourself and it will benefit your entire life. if you have an questions please contact me or book a session with me directly from the website.


Value destroyers such as demagogic "ecologists" and "consumerists", neocheating politicians and bureaucrats, evil dictators and ayatollahs usurp enough power to directly execute their envious destructions. They camouflage their envy by operating under non-sequitur banners of common "good", human rights, social "justice", "peace", equality, the fatherland, and the most primitive, barbaric of all non-sequitur stratagems -- God. Such envious, value-destroying professionals live by usurping power and values, by attacking, undermining, crippling, destroying value producers.

Most other enviers, however, lack the power, cunning, and resources to directly damage and destroy value producers. To vicariously satisfy their envy, they eagerly support the destructive causes promoted by those demagogic "consumerists", "environmentalists", theologians, politicians, social "intellectuals", and other neocheaters.

A person can cure his or her envy only by becoming a self-sufficient producer of competitive values to achieve genuine independence, competence, and self-esteem. If not cured, the malignancy of envy will keep growing, consuming that person in malevolent hatred toward self, productive people, objective values, and life itself.

Expressed another way, growing envy destroys a person's potential to earn genuine prosperity, psychuous pleasures, and happiness. To break free from envy's grip, a person must first identify the envy. Next, that person must reduce the need for envy by becoming increasingly productive until competent enough to live by competitively producing values desired by others. Then a metamorphosis occurs that changes envious fear of objective values to a passionate desire to uphold those values. On evolving into an independent, self-sufficient producer of values, envy fades as a new, exciting life emerges -- a life of growing prosperity, expanding power, and abiding happiness.

Producers of objective values have prosperity and happiness always open to them. But first they must break free from the unearned guilt foisted on them by the enviers who surrounded them. The producers must realize that they are the ones who hold the real power. And only they can guiltlessly collect genuine prosperity and happiness.

Neo-Tech sharply contrasts the world of mysticism and envy to the world of value production and self-esteem. [Re: Table 71, Neo-Tech Reference Encyclopedia] One does not cross into the happy, envy-free world until that person becomes competent enough through consistent logical thinking, integrated honesty, and hard efforts to be self-sufficient by producing competitive values for others and society.

As previously identified, laziness and dishonesty are volitionally chosen prime evils. People allow laziness and dishonesty to develop within themselves to their great personal harm. Laziness and dishonesty are the basic causes of mysticism, neocheating, and envy. Moreover, that default to laziness leads to Growth Death or Psyche Death (see Neo-Tech Advantage #98).

Laziness always involves mysticism undercutting the conscious mind. One must exert a constant, honest, life-long effort to maintain a prosperous, happy, healthy life. By contrast, mental and physical laziness means defaulting on those key attributes of honesty and effort required for independent self-survival and happiness.

Rationalizing laziness and envy requires dishonest inversions of facts and values. For example, certain social commentators disparage modern, labor-saving appliances as causing laziness. They lament that modern appliances bypass old-fashioned virtues of hard work. Their laments are misleading non sequiturs useful for self-deception or neocheating. The facts are that labor-saving devices are created and put to best use by those who are the least lazy -- the most ambitious. For, such modern devices free people from low-productivity, mind-stifling routines to provide the time and opportunity to spend their lives in ever more challenging, productive, creative activities.

Criticisms of labor-saving devices usually originate from either neocheaters attacking values or from those yearning to return to bygone days. But those bygone days were when so much brute labor, time, and energy were needed just to survive that few if any demands were made to expand into more complex, difficult efforts demanding hard integrated thinking. Those criticizing modern labor-saving devices are generally seeking rationalizations to avoid the responsibility of living by sustained, conscious efforts requiring integrated thinking. They prefer to exist without conscious effort -- by rote, without integrated thinking -- as people did during the Dark Ages. Those who criticize labor-saving devices are usually projecting their own mental laziness, their rebellion against integrated thinking, their lack of effort to live fully.

The logical use of the mind combined with consistent rational efforts is required for human survival and prosperity. But, mental default for many is seductively tempting. A person simply adopts someone else's thinking, thus avoiding the responsibility of exerting one's own integrated thinking and honesty for independent survival and prosperity. Such "pleasantly easy" defaults against using one's own mind are traps that corrode self-sufficiency and lead to intellectual, psychological, and eventual physical dependence on others, especially "authorities".

Usually those "authorities" are neocheaters who dupe the defaulter into accepting their dishonest, destructive ploys designed for usurping power. ...Such neocheating "authorities" survive by promoting their mystical hoaxes and specious doctrines of altruistic self-sacrifice in order to control the defaulters and neocheat the producers.

Integrated, logical thinking[ 74 ] does not preclude errors or wrong judgments. But only through habitual, integrated, logical thinking does one become efficient in identifying and correcting errors. If a person defaults on that thinking effort, he or she must live increasingly through other people's thinking. That person then gradually loses the ability to recognize the errors in other people's thinking as well as to correct his or her own errors. Such a person eventually becomes incompetent to live independently. That person then becomes dependent on destructive, neocheating "authorities" to survive.

Essentially all willful destruction, all purposeful violence, all initiation of force against individuals and their property can be reduced to a single, originating cause -- mysticism originating from laziness and dishonesty. That laziness and dishonesty evolve from choosing not to exert the constant, rational efforts required to understand reality in order to make one's own independent decisions. ...Laziness and dishonesty are the cause of evil; envy is the effect.

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