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Dating with the Stars

Birth Charts & Relationships

We use the six personal planets, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Ascendant. Check out our How To page for full instructions on how to find where your planets fall. Message me through the website for a full Birth Chart Analysis of all the planets in your chart or get a full personalized Synastry Report for two people.

Love in the Digital Era

People desire a true connection. We want someone to understand us on more levels than one and unfortunately no dating websites are able to match us on more than a surface level. What if the key lies in our Natal Birth Charts? Our sight compares you based on your true nature and we help you along the way so you can live your best life and find the perfect partner for you. We use the 6 personal planets, the fastest moving celestial bodies in the sky that make up who we are and how we relate to others. This combined with elemental astrology is how we determine how you compliment each other and assist you on the way to true harmony and bliss.


Personal Planet Explanations

Sun- Changes monthly,basic personality, very core of expression, will, sense of vitality, how we interact with the world, strengths and weaknesses, how we relate to others and navigate relationships
Moon- Changes every 2 to 2 1/2 days , Associated with our emotions, inner mood, family, home, how we are raised, property, tradition, personal habits, one’s comfort zone, feminine side, instincts, determines energetic compatibility
Ascendant- Changes every 2 hours, Dictates initial attraction, Physical Appearance & Mannerisms, how others see us, knee jerk reactions, karmic work, Determines how we react & how we view the world, important indicator of how two people will click, helps achieve goals, hopes, desires and needs, rules first impressions
Mercury- Changes every 14 to 30 days, day to day expression and communication, logic, and rationality, how you balance your masculine and feminine energy, how you make decisions process and exchange information, sense of humor
Venus- Changes every 23 days to 2 months, beauty,love,money, grace, values, receptive side, determines who you you are attracted to, how you care for others, love language, how you show love, how you nurture, give and receive affection, Allure, what brings you pleasure, romantic habits, what you value in a partner
Mars- Changes every 6 to 7 weeks, agressive instincts, sexuality, drive, passions, guides how you compete & argue, will and what we are willing to fight for, fuels ambition & gives you a sense of direction, how you handle stress and frustration, also determines whether or not you’re willing to pursue a relationship with a person, masculine side

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Signs in the Personal Planets

Aries Sun
Masculine, Cardinal, Fire, natural born leaders, pioneers, adventurous, impulsive, Enthusiastic, Weak partners need not apply, will rarely back down from a challenge

Aries Moon
Passionate, Emotionally assertive, need for independence, me first, may be overwhelmed easily with the ups and downs of life, doesn’t like to get sucked into other peoples dramas mostly bc they have enough of their own

Aries Ascendant
You always make an unforgettable first impression, Dynamic and passionate, with their chart ruled by Mars they are fiery and motivating, Can be overwhelming to those who can’t take the heat

Aries Mercury
Blunt, Direct, Aries is more of a doer so they tend to think and act fast, This combo adds a sense of urgency to define your relationships yet the innate ability to overcome almost any obstacle

Aries Venus
Prefers fun loving relationships, Hopelessly addicted to the conquest, Dislikes vagueness, Have a childlike quality, They are bored without energy and activity, Great at being single and always ready to mingle

Aries Mars
Aggressive yet domicile, Great physical energy, prefer straight forward people, The Go-getter, At ease with power and swagger, Your intensity is magnetic, you make a wonderful ally and a formidable enemy, High sexual libido, so much that it’s hard to find a partner who can keep up with you in this area!

Taurus Sun
Feminine, Fixed, Earth, All about reward, Loyalty and security are qualities the bull will appreciate, Loves to revel in material excess, ruled by Venus the planet of love and beauty, Solid partner when committed, Creatures of habit

Taurus Moon
Hopeless Romantics, Deep and unwavering but will still somehow maintain the ability to protect their hearts and own interests, Nurturing, Seen as warm and affectionate, Emotionally stable and steady

Taurus Ascendant
Slow and steady wins the race, Methodical and Sensual people, Patient and reliable, Has a tendency towards greed and possessiveness, Saving money and frugality are important, a bit on the conservative side but love culture

Taurus Mercury
Practical and stable, These people have a calm and pleasant energy, Great tactics for gaining what he or she desires, be mindful of bragging, always ready to move on to the next thing on their list, When they set a goal they will most certainly achieve it at some point, Will wait to make the right decision and once they do they rarely change their mind, thinks more than he or she speaks

Taurus Venus
Very physical placement, sensually inclined so needs are determined by the pleasing of your senses, can be possessive when in love but their loyalty can make up for it, prefer to take things slow in relationships bc they are cautious, this makes them appear reserved, Marriage Material

Taurus Mars
Value Strength and Stability, Fondness for their material possessions, Taurus Brings Mars some patience, Staying Power, Put simply they just want sex to feel good, normally doesn’t care to fight unless provoked but will still prefer things are done their way

Gemini Sun
Masculine, Mutable, Air, Self Expression is a must, Love collecting and sharing information which makes these natives social butterflies, Their curiosity is endless which can get them into trouble, with the wrong partner this can be disastrous, Ruled by Mercury they are usually very articulate, their ability to speak thoughtfully and eloquently is seductive

Gemini Moon
Active and Versatile mind, covets variety and change, Needs stimulation so they don’t become emotionally stagnant, bore easily, Fickle, Their charm and wit easily makes up for this, looking for the perfect partner to compliment their personality

Gemini Ascendant
The charmer, knows a little bit about everything, overly curious about the people around them, A genuine connection is very important but your restless energy will shift to the next shiny thing so you may end up missing out on real emotional depth, may feel alone due to this, Usually has a youthful personality and look

Gemini Mercury
Beware of becoming a gossip or being considered two-faced, Adept at communication, in fact, you live for it, Must work on your follow through, difficulty “feeling’ your own emotions, sometimes this makes you unable to deal or heal, Anxious and doesn’t know why

Gemini Venus
Happiest when with lively companions, You need someone who can hold a real conversation, Your motto is “variety is the spice of life”!, Attracted to the way someone thinks and speaks, honesty is sexy to them, You make a captivating mate but have a fear of entrapment

Gemini Mars
Scattered and unfocused, hot air, Must be able to vent, loves a good debate and they excel at it, Greatest erogenous zone is their brains, The way to their heart and bed is through their mind, impatient and annoyed with slowness in others

Cancer Sun
Feminine, Cardinal, Water, Associated with the home, and emotions, Gets attached to the people they hold dear, Empathetic, Often moody like the waves,, Needs a harmonious environment to thrive, Avoids confrontation, Great memory, human lie detector, wears their heart on their sleeve, known for being domestic

Cancer moon
Supportive and protective, Can sense what others need intuitively, Cancer in it’s home makes them strongly driven by their emotions, influenced by their ever changing moods and even other peoples since they are so empathetic, Can take on an overwhelming energy with this placement, This can be overcome by recognizing ones own cycles and internal rhythms

Cancer Ascendant
Hard on the outside and soft on the inside, Will retreat inward when hurt and can be cutting with their words, prone to defensiveness, don’t be afraid to let your true sensitivity shine through with people you hold dear, prone to addictions

Cancer Mercury
The heart and mind meet, At their best when emotionally balanced, Best listener, Subliminally absorb and learn by osmosis, Past can haunt the present, Opinions are drenched in feelings…

Cancer Venus
Cannot and will not let go, you prefer predictability and commitment, Overly feminine placement, Brings out possessiveness, adores nuturing and being nurtured, Romance is a must

Leo Sun
Masculine, fixed, fire, Center of their universe, Loves to be admired, Regal with an air of royalty about them, Ruled by the sun, a bit lazy and inflexible, Known for their sense of pride, courageous and strong, don’t do well taking orders from others

Leo Moon
Dramatic and expressive, Bathes in the limelight, Flamboyant to the point of being a prima donna, Self loving people, Entertaining and loyal companion, their energy has the ability to awaken and energize

Leo Ascendant
Your need to develop power and authority can hinder your relationships, With this placement your entire natal chart is ruled by the Sun, Very Masculine placement even for females, Assertive, it is impossible to not notice these individuals bc they most certainly stand out in a crowd

Leo Mercury
Authentic and outspoken, Loud yet enthusiastic, inspires partners to express themselves with a greater sense of urgency, theatrical performers, Storytellers, love the finer things in life

Leo Venus
Will do anything for love, Great vitality, will make you the center of their world, grand romantic gestures when courting, they need to feel special and are usually quite generous, thrives with a loyal partner who is attentive

Leo Mars
Bold and brash, Ambitious, usually act with their hearts, Ruled by their passions anything they do becomes a source of great pride, not afraid to initiate and take risks, the planet of action is comfortable here

Virgo Sun
Feminine, Mutable, Earth, Exacting, detail oriented, may seem picky and critical, these people live to serve and these qualities make them pros, looks like they have it all together on the surface, Inside their active and analytic minds is a whole other story, modest and responsible, health conscious

Virgo moon
Practical, highly appreciative of structure and detail, enjoy stimulating conversation and debates, can be sarcasm is a second language, hypochondriacs, especially when lacking attention, does not like to show their feelings, can seem standoffish or cold

Virgo Ascendant
Approaches the world by mental analysis, need to feel organized, purposeful and trustworthy, intelligent and reserved, may need time to warm up to people and situations

Virgo Mercury
Strong communicator, Virgo is ruled by mercury and is exalted here which means it works BEST here, thorough and efficient, their productivity is impressive, avoid being hyper critical of others and yourself

Virgo Venus
Not the flirty type, pretty reserved, this loner like quality makes them attractive, appreciates food, art, nature and culture, They require a companion that puts EFFORT into their relationship, The prissy peacock, Friendship is the quickest way to earn their affection, Shows their love by doing for the other

Virgo Mars
Sharp, the motives of purist, Strives for perfection, will sacrifice personal well being for it, High strung and prone to nervousness, you release this by staying busy, beware of putting too much on your plate which often leads to frustration

Libra Sun
Masculine, Cardinal, Air, ruled by Venus the planet of love and beauty, Can be perplexing, Friendly and amicable, follows their own rules and sets their own course, Diplomatic and usually sincere, need for balance, won’t allow their passions to deter their path

Libra Moon
Deep need for emotional peace and harmony, Romantic and idealistic, must feel seen, heard, and appreciated when in a partnership, must have people to bounce your ideas and emotions off of, the peacemaker

Libra Ascendant
People pleaser, which makes you seem inauthentic and unable to stand for anything, eye for aesthetics, loves all forms of art, cannot do clutter, Creative at compromise

Libra Mercury
Fair, balanced and diplomatic communicators, Can put themselves in everyone’s shoes in almost any situation, able to see many sides of an argument, prone to mental laziness, still able to heal wounds caused by arguments or misunderstandings

Libra Venus
Gentle lovers, Will impress with their evenhandedness, Has a polished manner when in love, Ruled by Venus, can appear superficial, hates to be offended, Magnetic and sociable, accused of being snobbish

Libra Mars
A rock and a hard place here, Loves to act like everything is fine but it may not be, they eventually get things done, charming and it’s important for them to appear this way, passive-aggressive tendencies

Scorpio Sun
Feminine, fixed, water, Subtle and profound, Ruled by Pluto the planet of sex and regeneration, , Protective of others, Trust issues that can lead to irrational suspicions and melodrama, Only gives genuine compliments, Prone to extreme highs and lows

Scorpio Moon
Scorpio waters run even deeper in the moon, Intense energy, Wears an Aura of Mystery, They feel emotions intensely but may not express them openly, Can be too much for some by being morbid and pessimistic

Scorpio Ascendant
Possesses a highly sexual type energy, eyes are piercing and full of lust, Shady vibes, Extremist, heightened libido, enjoys uncovering lies, Values personal space, Has a commanding presence, powerful and determined

Scorpio Mercury
May seem reserved until you get to know them on a deeper level, Secretive and vengeful yet Intriguing, understands psychic states, ability to logic by using only their intuition, Basically a human surveillance camera

Scorpio Venus
Some would call them magical or bewitching, All about relationships, social and affectionate, meaningful experiences are a must, Loyal, focused and consuming in love, they need someone who can match their depth

Scorpio Mars
Competitive and Unforgiving if betrayed, thinks the taste of revenge is sweet, Obsessive, Their willfulness gives them power and an impressive endurance, the impossible becomes possible, these people coined the term where there’s a will there’s a way, Seductive and attracted to taboos, has a tendency toward the extremes

Sagittarius Sun
Masculine, Mutable, Fire
Freedom loving, Seekers of opposition, Endless pursuit of the truth, Gypsy wanderers of the zodiac, Open minded, prefers change, Always on a quest, the Cheerful Extrovert, Adventurous and jovial

Sagittarius Moon
Free Spirited, Fears being put in a cage, Cannot repress emotions and be content, they must be allowed roam, explore and expand, Innately optimistic and positive, idealistic and creative when it comes to the passions in
 life, Can be volatile for the sake of the thrill

Sagittarius Ascendant
Your life is a never-ending spiritual journey or pursuit, Their prize is to find meaning in it all, has an opinion about everything, Direct yourself by reconciling metaphysical and philosophical quandaries, you take life as an opportunity to learn and explore horizons, live and let live is your motto

Sagittarius Mercury
Pushing boundaries is life, All things are seen as part of a larger, connective principal, Tendency to project what is true for you, You come off very sincere , you may blow things out of proportion but usually mean well

Sagittarius Venus
Sovereignty and freedom of thought are of utmost importance, like to learn new things in and through their relationships, Ideals must be respected and recognized, Romance should be a magic carpet ride

Sagittarius Mars
Reckless with a sense of invincibility, Avoid becoming cynical, Vision is your strong point, Motivated and will go the distance, High Energy but will be unpredictable and impulsive, Strong ego, hates routine

Capricorn Sun
Feminine, Cardinal, Earth
Ruled by Saturn the planet of limitations yet these goats always come out on top, Hardest working sign, Ambitious to a fault, The Condescending know-it-all, Always prepare for the worst, Self disciplined and practical

Capricorn Moon
Conscientious and pragmatic, you carefully measure the way you respond, CEO of the zodiac, driven by security for themselves and those they love, you can be hard to know and somewhat reserved, only get involved with what is considered worthwhile

Capricorn Ascendent
The Success Story, Serious about EVERYTHING, They ooze competence, Will fake it til they make it, Big on family, patience and hard work are their most redeeming qualities, they loosen up a bit with age

Capricorn Mercury
Down to Earth, Communicates Effectively within certain limitations, Give Substance to ideas, can be tiresome, Result oriented, Social Climber, Will exert control over others with their words

Capricorn Venus
Hard Stance on Romance, Attracted to goal oriented partners, likes to plan ahead in their relationships, you will know exactly where you stand, will do the friends with benefits thing, Has a cooling energy and when committed they are stone cold sure about it

Capricorn Mars
Not the self indulgent type, Strategic, especially with career moves, This placement gives you a definitive edge of strength and dignity, Usually has a healthy set of boundaries, no appreciation for laziness, time-wasting and least of all unnecessary emotion, Has an air of authority

Aquarius Sun
Masculine, Fixed, Air, Independent thinkers, Enjoy fighting for a cause, prefers intellectual conversation, can be stubborn, inflexible and to the point of being unreliable, Aspire to change the world through social progress, Rebel at heart, despises authority and the system, Famous for their eccentricities and nonconformity

Aquarius Moon
Focused on reform they tend to neglect friends and family, Can be aloof and distant in relationships, Avoids feeling their emotions, instead they prefer to rationalize them with how they think, They prefer to rise above pettiness, Altruistic but changeable

Aquarius Ascendent
The humanitarian, Revolutionary thinker, “Power to the People”, wants to change the world, Detached perspective leads to a logical position, Places the herd above the individual, Mixes well with a variety of people but could be viewed as an outsider by themselves or others

Aquarius Mercury
Need time and space to form ideas and reflect, Because of this they need plenty of freedom and alone time, Thrives on shock value, Strong social conscience, Fixed focus, information is plucked from the air

Aquarius Venus
Unconventional lover, Can seem impersonal but they make up for it with their open minded spirit, Easily form acquaintances with perfect strangers, The sign of friendship in Venus can make this a confusing affair, Their unpredictability and spontaneity makes for some steamy romance

Aquarius Mars
Has an incessant need to stand up for what they believe in and bring about change, These guys may be the keyboard warriors on social media or marching in the streets for social reform, Has a soft spot for the underdog, Progressive to the world at large, Excels at mind games among other things

Pisces Sun
Feminine, Mutable, Water, Feelings define this sign, So intuitive that they can feel the feelings as well as the burdens of others, As the last sign of the zodiac it is said they can take on traits of all the signs, Spiritual, Empathetic, and full of unconditional love, they believe we are all connected

Pisces Moon
Emotions are pronounced and sensitivity is heightened, Impressionable, strongly influenced by compassion and creativity, Can sense energy levels, Your feelings about people and situations are almost always accurate but at times can lead you astray

Pisces Ascendant
Highly imaginative, Natural curiosity about the subtle forces that shape our lives, Your escapism becomes your way to cope, appear to be gentle and peace loving artistic types but can be one way one minute and completely different the next

Pisces Mercury
Inherent challenge knowing how to self project, Creative geniuses, thinks in abstract terms, able to visualize thoughts, learn by osmosis, will avoid conflict at all costs, vulnerable to dark arts and themes, ruled by imaginative impressions rather than logic

Pisces Venus
Tends to see new people and experiences through rose colored glasses, Very giving in relationships, needs to learn when enough is enough, boundaries definitely need to be set, true romantic believes in magic, soulmates and love at first sight

Pisces Mars
Mild- tempered, move through life bending to the will of others, will act from an inner knowing, hard to focus initiatives, will resort to games to get what they want, emotions are erratic and intense

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