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Miles Blair Barber & Apothecary

Beauty. Spirit. Lifestyle

 Do you live a life that you don’t need a vacation from? If not what’s stopping you? Are you madly in love with your life and your look? Whether it's a new look or a new outlook, we aren’t just a beauty brand, we are a spirit and lifestyle brand.

For all of our clients we like to do a consultation prior to any service but for the spiritual side I like to do a Universe Tarot Spread. Each planet represents different energy, the Sun is your vitality, health and general outlook while the moon is your emotions and what you could be avoiding or hiding. Then on through the planets you will see deeper into areas of your life that could improve such as love, career, achievements and so much more. I like to think of the tarot as a conversation with myself in the mirror. 

 The things I loved most as a child were playing with herbs, collecting rocks and crystals, having a spa day with the kitchen ingredients, and like most little girls, doing my hair and makeup in the mirror. I would spend hours talking to myself and telling stories. Don’t judge, I was on only child for most of my life. Once I was old enough to read other people’s stories, that’s all I wanted to do so I would read anything I could get my hands on,Greek and Roman Mythology were my favorites, the Classics too. In Elementary School at Tunica and Bains Elementary in Saint Francisville they allowed us to organize plays through the library programs, keep in mind this was the 80's and 90's. Me and my friends would get together and have play practice at each others houses. As we got older times changed, being social and popular became important, I lost interest in school and became curious about people, all people. I wanted to know everyone from every walk of life and hear their stories. I was wild and free spirited but still somehow cautious and I just wanted to live life exactly the way I wanted. 

 When I told my parents I wanted to go to beauty school at Aveda and own a hair salon they thought I was crazy and insisted I go to college instead so I went and thought I would major in Greek Mythology lol. My mom thought it was hilarious too because how would I make money? I went with general science after bouncing around to a few other things, even political science. I excelled at English but the only Math I was ever good at was Geometry. I got pregnant with my daughter Kensley at 22. I can remember being told that my life was over and that I would never be able to travel or have adventures but for me it was only the beginning. I moved into the house that I’m still living in and now own. I left my job at the time that I joked was killing my livelihood. I was also finally mostly independent of my parents and was able to get grants and student loans to go to Aveda like I had always wanted. I worked at the Library, for a Massage Therapist, Worked in Restaurants, Bars and went to Beauty School. It was hard and I didn’t even pay rent. I quickly learned how to work the system. That’s also when I realized the system was rigged. I took an apprenticeship at an ethnic salon while doing a Barber Apprenticeship to learn something different and got a job at the makeup counter and school seemed less important. Life went on and a marriage and my second child happened.  I stayed at home with the second because I couldn’t with my first and I read. I got really into Astrology because it had always interested me since it had a connection with Roman Mythology. I started a small business with a friend called Catered Curls doing makeup and hair for weddings and events on the weekends along with church on Sundays. Life was good. Then I went back to Beauty School at Paul Mitchell. Got my Cosmetology License and for the first time in my life I finished something I started and actually followed through. This got me thinking. 

 My first job out of beauty school this time was a salon inside the Hilton downtown Baton Rouge. They had a training program, travel, education and so much more. I went to Dana Point, California with a colleague to a Life Coaching Event that our boss sent us to and I loved the culture. Like Aveda, it had something different & progressive. I knew then that I wanted to start my own brand with my own culture in my tiny little quirky town in Saint Francisville. So I opened my first little shop and used my kids middle names to come up with Miles Blair Salon. It was centrally located, small and perfect for me. The first year was great but I had racked up student debt, divorce debt, bad credit and not a single penny I made went to investments, retirement or savings of any kind and eventually it was too much and I thought I needed bigger and better. Turns out bigger and better was more of a headache and I lost the entire reason for doing what I was doing. I ended up closing my business after moving into to a booth rental salon then bartending to make ends meet. Then I decided to try and run other people’s small businesses then eventually corporate businesses and even going back to Aveda and teach with a 401k, insurance and all the things but I was completely miserable. I had no time to read or do the things I loved. I was undervalued and my free spirit was seen as fickleness or rebellion against their brand. So I left and went to the barber shops to regroup. I met a guy who promised me I would make a fortune in an old school Barber Shop with $12 haircuts, vacuums & a shop straight out of the 50’s or 60’s. At first it was him, me and a Jesuit Priest. I know it sounds crazy but one day he said he needed to tell me something and he proceeded to tell me that If I accepted Jesus into my heart again, that he would give me back everything I lost and put a cloth on my head and bopped me in it. I definitely wasn’t expecting that but it made an impact. Eventually I made more money than I had since I left my first little shop and I decided that I wanted to go back to my little town and try again. I found a place then I heard my old building was coming up for lease so I called my old landlord and he said I was the first person he would consider. I’ve been back in my little shop for 6 years now. It’s changed and evolved and is now Miles Blair Barber & Apothecary. In 2014 I paid off all my student loans and decided to begin my study as an Herbalist, and this lead to so much more than I could of ever imagined. I went to Portland, Oregon alone to a Herbal Medicine Gathering and National School of Natural Medicine it was there that I was told about a secret school that taught Herbalist, Tarot, Astrology, Greek Mythology, Chakra Healing Courses and all the things that I wanted to know more about. The things that only had a limited section in the library. Once I dove in I knew that I must learn to heal myself, physically, financially, mentally and spiritually and this is where my real journey began. I went all over searching for people like me on the spiritual and herbal path and had so many adventures but ended up finding exactly what I needed right at home.

  Now I have time to care for myself physically. I learned how to eat healthy, healed my chakras, learned to meditate. I completely healed my debilitating anxiety that I struggled with since I was a child. I’ve fixed my credit and paid my debts. I learned to how to invest myself and where to invest my money instead of allowing the banks and government to make money off my money. I learned the Tarot and how to read Birth Charts,Palms and way more. I got a job with a psychic network and have my own business so now I can work remotely from anywhere. I built my own website and make my own schedule. I have my freedom, most of the things that are important to me and live life the way I want. I have learned what I value by trial, error and experience. People value different things and we all need to be more okay with that. I’m still learning, growing and evolving always and still absolutely love to read. Spiritually, I’m getting there but I know now that without that I wouldn’t be anywhere. My favorite part of all of it is that I get to tell stories from the people I've met and the things I've learned and those stories I use to help others, and hopefully those stories can be used to help others and so on. Learn to identify the areas that are blocking you from living a life you love. Gain clarity and insight on how to proceed. See where your chakras need balancing, what vices, addictions and patterns are holding you back. Learn to fix these things by healing yourself and removing blockages that are keeping you from living fully so you can find your story and live your truth and your best life.  

 We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves whether it be financially, physically, mentally, energetically or spiritually. You have everything you need to do that already. Sometimes we just need the confirmation or that light bulb moment that changes everything. Learning self healing and sharing it with others changed my life forever. I replaced unhealthy things with healthier things. We have so many tools at our disposal. Let me help you find yours. Start today with a 15 minute Universe Tarot Reading with Tosha for $30 or book an appointment for a new look with Tosha, Christie or Veronica. When you look good you feel good and we work with almost any budget. Enjoy our Family friendly and laid back atmosphere. We take personal care and turn it into a spiritual experience. Begin your self healing adventure with us today. Feel free to browse our website and see if anything resonates with you. Check out our free Natal Birth Chart and Dating with the Stars Personal Planet Explanations,Fill out our online Herbalist Intake, Shop our Apothecary for herbs, crystals and personal care. and more or just scroll down to see your horoscope. Feel free to message us with any questions to help you on your journey. Book or send messages through the website, call or shoot us a text.


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My name is Tosha Vidrine but I am known as Blair Miles in the Psychic World. I have been in love with Hair and Beauty for over 19 years and with Mythology, Astrology and Herbal Remedies all of my life. Christie Miller Yarborough and Veronica Noonan are our resident Stylists and all of us call Miles Blair Home. To connect with them reach out through Social Media or through each individual's phone number. Our experience speaks for itself. We are a Collective and welcome Independents, Massage Therapists, Holistic and Spiritual Practicioners. Feel free to message us through the website, call or stop in if you have any questions.


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